Your Bio-Energy Project Development Partners

H&W Biogenics Ltd. is the home of one of the leading and most experienced Bio-Energy Project Development Consultancies, assisting private, corporate and public clients in Canada and Europe since 2004. Against all initial obstacles our Managing Director Harald (Harry) Welling and the Biogenics Team have played a key role in the steady and proactive promotion of Renewable Energy, primarily Biomass- and Biogas Energy and its sensible, successful use in Canada. Following a groundbreaking introduction study for the Government of Alberta, ("Energy from Wood Biomass Combustion in Rural Alberta Applications"), we have followed an unswerving course to establish the basis for bio-energy projects to become a sustainable and reliable alternative for economic and environmental project development opportunities, even in smaller scales in Alberta, all over Canada and now also the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Over the years we have been able to develop and evolve long-term relationships between clients, technology suppliers, forestry and Government departments, which have proven to be very beneficial and successful for all parties involved, resulting in enhanced project delivery in terms of time, cost control and quality. The commitment from all partners allows us to focus on the client's objectives and deliver maximum business results by utilizing effectiveness of parties' resources, without being driven by sales mentalities.
Together with our partners we are able to bring the benefits of both European and Canadian experience and expertise in Biomass & Biogas Energy Systems, Waste to Energy and Waste Heat Recovery for Single Building Conversions, District Heating and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) togetherwith our clients' initiative and enthusiasm in public institutions and businesses by assisting with the bio-energy system planning, financing, development and implementation.
Our commitment focuses on all elements of the energy project's lifecycle, including the pre-feasibility, the comprehensive evaluation studies, the business plan, funding opportunities, front-end engineering and detailed design, right through to full turnkey project completion. We also assist with the negotiation and completion of upcoming contracts, related to technology, feedstock supply and/or energy distribution.
Our extensive experience enables us to assist our clients with the realization of their individual project ideas at the highest implementation level under the most profitable economic circumstances.