Promoting the general concept and the individual project

Successful bio-energy development needs a better general undertanding and acceptance. The opportunities to integrate biomass energy concepts as viable alternatives into all energy supply strategies still need to be communicated to all levels of society.
H&W Biogenics Ltd. actively promotes bio-energy solutions as a preferable economic and environmental driver for all relevant sectors - private, public, agricultural, commercial, institutional and industrial. As part of our promotion effort our Managing Director, Harald (Harry) Welling regularly attends suitable agriculture and bio-energy events and conferences as a welcome guest speaker on small to mid-scale bio-energy project planning and implementation.
It is of equal importance to promote Community Energy Projects to the community members as early as possible in order to secure the highest level of support. With bio-energy often still being a fairly new and unexplored concept, Council members as well as residents have a significant interest to be informed during the different development phases and right from the start. H&W Biogenics Ltd. assists the client with all information tasks, by presenting to council, attending open discussions/hearings, as well as by providing solid information materials.
If you are interested in making use of our extensive bio-energy promotion experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.