Combined Heat & Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) integrates the production of usable heat and power (electricity) in one single, highly efficient process.
True CHP generates electricity whilst also capturing usable heat that is produced in the process, which contrasts with conventional ways of generating electricity, where vast amounts of heat is often wasted. In today’s coal and gas fired power stations, up to two thirds of the overall energy consumed is lost in this way, often seen as a cloud of steam rising from cooling towers.
Biomass CHP systems operate on traditional steam cycles as well as on thermo-oil technology with an Organic Rankine Turbine (ORC) module.
The technical design of our CHP project at Vanderwell Contractors incorporates an extraction turbine, which allows power production with variable heat outputs. It enables a variable extraction of steam at an intermediate pressure and temperature level for heat/steam utilization.
Our system design has included the economic outlook of adding a drying kiln conversion component to the ongoing project.