Harald (Harry) Welling

Harald (Harry) Welling is a Project Development Consultant for Sustainable Bio- Energy Concepts. Born in Muenster, Germany, Harry and his family moved to Alberta in 2004. He was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of KALWA Biogenics Inc. in Edmonton, is now the founder and CEO of H&W Biogenics Ltd. Harry promotes renewable energy, primarily biomass energy and its sensible use. His goal is a fast, significant and reliable reduction in costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions by implementing the economically optimal long-term
energy solutions for individual projects.
In 2007, initiated by the Government of Alberta, the Woodlot Extension Program of Alberta and the Renewal Chapter of the Ag Policy Framework, Harry Welling has authored and presented the Report “Energy From Wood  Biomass Combustion in Rural Alberta Applications”, which marked the beginning of a slow, but continuously growing biomass energy development in Alberta. As a development consultant for project solutions that do not follow standardized concepts, but consider each individually unique requirement, Harry Welling and his European and Albertan engineering-partners provide the project management from the early feasibility assessment to the technical implementation.
The focus is to assist in the development of small to mid-scale bio-energy projects, which allow direct benefits to the economic and environmental development in each community by using local resources to meet local needs.
Harry Welling has played the leading role in all of our bio-energy projects, the feasibility assessments and/or project developments.
Harry is also a sought-after speaker at numerous Bio-Energy events all over the country.
His presentations outline the opportunities for communities to make bio-energy projects a significant driver for local economic and environmental development at a scale that leaves all economic and social benefits in the community itself!