State of Art District Heating Module

First commissioned in October 2012, we were honored to assist Strathcona County  with adding this new biomass energy module that is powered by locally-sourced feedstock to the "Centre in the Park Community Energy System". By adding a biomass module to the system, the County is able to utilize local renewable fuel sources, while reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. This further decreases the greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to Strathcona County’s sustainability direction. The 1 MWth heating system has the potential to provide the network base-load and to reduce greenhouse gases an additional 1,200 tonnes per year.
The biomass energy system was custom designed and built by Lambion Energy Solutions to accommodate fuel switching as more economical or environmental fuel sources became available.
The biomass demonstration project for the Centre in the Park energy system uses agriculture residues (such as oat hulls) and wood waste (from the commercial and construction and demolition sector) as a base-load fuel source. The system uses natural gas during peak seasons and as a back up fuel source.
The system is located on the east part of the Community Energy Centre property. There are three components: 
  • four storage bins for the feedstocks 
  • the biomass combustion boiler module 
  • a chimney which is approximately 9 metres (30 feet) tall
The mobile storage bins allow for off-site fuel processing and filling, which significantly reduces noise emission to neighboring residential areas.
For more Information, ase read the article at "Green Energy Futures".